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LandMark Worldwide
is a general development company consisting of professional developers for the main purpose of developing worldwide real estates and large scale infrastructures.
We adapt creative project planning, advanced project financing technique and systematic project management and keep the best cooperative relationship with numerous companies and experts from around the world to create monumental "landmarks".

"To serve the community with transparent management and to maximize clients' benefits."
With such a motto, LandMark Worldwide is growing into a distinguished and respected company in the field.

We are looking forward to working for you with our partners, to introduce to you and carry out profitable and competitive development projects satisfying your needs. Join us LandMark Worldwide for first-hand experience in a best business items of the field.

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- Research Engineer, Laboratory of Solid Mechanics, Ecole    Polytechnique , France (1986~1991)
- Ph.D., Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausees , France (1990)
- MS, Architectural Department, Seoul National University , Korea    (1983)
- BA, Architectural Department, Seoul National University, Korea    (1981)
President of LandMark Worldwide Co., Ltd. (2005~present)
President of LandMark Development Co., Ltd. (2003~2005)
Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) (1999~2002)
Member of Board Directors
Executive Director of Airport Opening Readiness Task Force Team
Executive Director of Construction Management Division
Korea Airport Construction Authority (KOACA) (1995~1999)
Executive Director of Construction Management Division
Acting Executive Director of Design Coordination Department
Korea Maritime and Port Administration (KMPA) (1981~1995)
Port Development Bureau
Busan Port Construction Office
16 th Technical Higher Civil Service Examination of the Government of Korea (Architecture) (1980)
Member of The Committee for Deliberation on Construction Technology of MoCT
Design Advisor of Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries
Member of :
Architectural Institute of Korea, Korea concrete institute, Computational structural engineering institute, Wind engineering institute of Korea, Earthquake engineering society of Korea, Korean society of coastal and ocean engineer, Korea port & harbour association
Professional Publication : over 60 papers in Korean and international journals